I was very fortunate this year to continue winning awards and to be runner up for Commercial Photographer of the year and also a finalist in the Illustrative category. Both categories are fairly new to me, but allowed me to push my boundaries of creativity.

These “artworks” are the result of much exploration, taking a small, cropped section of industrial construction and transforming it into something completely new and wonderful. The aim is to challenge the way we see the almost insignificant things in life.

In 6 of my 8 images I took a tiny snippet of industrial framework from a couple of shoots I did for Cockburn Cerement. Many of these images began as a zoomed in section of RHS steel, rivets, danger tape and industrial fans. By flipped and multiplying, cropping and then repeating the process over and over again, I managed to come up with something hugely different to the original. The people in these 2 images were initially cut out and later placed back into the background. The other images where kept in an abstract state, leaning more towards the world of fine art.

The artist MC Esher was certainly an inspiration in this series. The image “Industrial Stardom” had to be mathematically planned to precision in order to get the pieces to fit. Some of the other works simply “evolve”.

The next stage is to use other elements such as flowers and more organic forms. These should hopefully produce a completely different feel of image…. Will keep you posted!