We all put off having our photo taken… and yes… I will admit I’m guilty of it too. I’ve just returned home after photographing over 50 locals in and around Bali and the one thing I really noticed is, that for the most part, they all loved having their photo taken! Why? A local explained to me that because most locals will never afford to travel to Australia, they at least hope their image will. We can learn from this… Do it for your kids….. do it for your future… do it because it captures your life at that particular moment. Just because you have been planning to loose another 5kgs, or you are waiting until your hair grows a little longer… it doesn’t change who you are. We all have things we don’t like, but a good photographer will make you look your best and importantly capture your personality. Who knows what will happen tomorrow….

So now we have the why, the next step is to just book a date. Your photographer will help you choose a location that is best for you. Most family shoots that we do at TK Photography are on location. Picking a location like the beach, a park, or your family home can help everyone feel more relaxed which ultimately leads to more natural photos.

If you have active kids then somewhere that allows them to run around and let of steam and play on the swings in between set ups, usually means they will be more co operative. The odd bribe helps too… Similarly if you decide to include the dog!

Time the shoot so it works best for kids sleep times and moods. Sunset photos are great, but it’s not worth it when kids are exhausted from a full day of school or day care. Know your child’s limitations and work with them. Park shots can be done at any time of the day, where as beach shots are normally best just before sunset. Your home, or an old building can also be great and your photographer will help you work out lighting and background options.

At TK Photography we normally leave studio shots for newborn babies and pregnancy photos. The studio is private and importantly we can control the temperature of the room. Once kids become active and are running about, we tend to find the studio a little restrictive- bring on the park!

Once you have everything booked…. what do you wear? Gone are the days of the white shirt and denim, however bright fluro colours and patterns on everyone don’t work either, unless you want to look like the Wiggles. Consider how the individual outfits work together as a whole. If for example, everyone wearing soft pastels, except for Dad who is wearing in a red shirt, it will be Dad’s shirt that will be the focal point in a colour photo. Denim can still work well on the bottom, but mix it up with a variety of tops.

T-Shirts with big slogans and pictures are not generally great- consider a casual shirt with a fine pattern or block colour. Shorts are good in warmer months, but not so good when mum is wearing an evening dress. Hopefully you get the idea, but ask if you aren’t sure.

Some women ask if it’s worth having hair and make-up done- if you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, then yes. The best advice is to make sure your hair and makeup is appropriate for your clothing and the styling of the shoot. Ie elaborate up-do hairstyles will be out of place on most shoots. Keep it natural. Make-up can however be slightly heavier than you are used to. In most cases your makeup will not look as heavy in the final images.

Finally, when you arrive at the shoot, try to relax and enjoy the moment. If you have already expressed any concerns with your photographer (eg weight, teenage kids with attitude and acne etc), leave it to them to bring out the best in everyone. Interact with your family and have fun, it will show in the final product!