Don’t put off having your portrait done. It’s inevitable, we aren’t getting any younger, our kids are changing every day and before we know it, another year will go by.

TK Photography make portraits fun! If you put it off because you don’t like having your photo taken, do it for the kids or your partner. Tina makes the process an enjoyable experience by getting to know you and your family, and making the shoot interactive.

For couples, she aims to bring out the relationship and love between you. Most of the photos will be of the two of you interacting, rather than looking straight down the barrel of the lens. This way the photos are about YOU.

For families with kids, (and dogs and cats and any other critter you may deem as family) Tina gets you all involved and having fun. Whether it’s a group hug or a race along the beach, it’s about capturing the story of your family at that particular time in life.

For both families and couples, Tina recommends a shoot on-location. This could be your home, the beach, a park or a place of meaning to your family. Newborn baby photos are often done in the studio where we can control the temperature and light (however can be done on location, but speak to Tina about what is best for you).

Pregnancy photos are also normally done in the studio, where discretion is the utmost importance. Whether you choose to be draped or go for an arty nude, Tina will make the process calming and unobtrusive. You may decide to involve your partner or other children, or alternatively the shoot can be done on-location. Again, talk to Tina about your ideas and she will advise what is best for you.


Tina’s background in design means all albums are designed and created in-house with seamless transition and a superior quality. TK Photography offers a range of products in either a modern magazine-style or traditional book bound. Magazine albums are a cost-effective and modern way to re-tell the story of your wedding, graphically designed to create maximum impact and style.

View my latest portrait shots here.